Bakkt Delisting Two-Thirds of Tokens, Binance Halting Canada Ops

• Bakkt announced that it would delist two-thirds of its supported tokens.
• Binance is halting operations in Canada.
• Florida laws are banning the use of “centralized digital dollar”.

Bakkt Delisting Tokens

Bakkt has revealed that it will be delisting two-thirds of the tokens currently supported on its platform. The company has yet to reveal which tokens will be affected by this decision, but it is clear that some major cryptocurrencies may be affected as a result.

Binance Halting Operations in Canada

Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced that it will be halting its operations in Canada. This comes after the Canadian government released new regulations regarding cryptocurrencies, which Binance believes poses too much risk for them to continue operating in the country.

Florida Bans Centralized Digital Dollar

The state of Florida recently passed a law banning the use of any form of „centralized digital dollar.“ This means that any type of digital currency not backed by a central bank or other official financial institution cannot be used within the state’s borders. This could have major implications for companies such as Facebook and their Libra project, both of which have been banned from operating in Florida as a result.

Cardano’s Hydra Solution Goes Live on Mainnet

Cardano has launched its new scaling solution called Hydra on mainnet, allowing users to now take advantage of faster transactions with lower fees than what was previously possible with Ethereum-based smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). The launch comes at an especially convenient time when Ethereum gas fees are surging due to increasing network demand and congested transactions times.

Twitter Names Former NBC Exec Linda Yaccarino as CEO

Twitter has named former NBC advertising executive Linda Yaccarino as its new chief executive officer following news that she resigned from her role earlier today. Elon Musk tweeted that Yaccarino would focus primarily on business operations while he focuses on product design and new technologies for Twitter’s future growth into what he calls an „everything app“.