Depositing Funds to BitLQ

3. Depositing Funds to BitLQ
After successfully creating your account, you will be able to make a deposit of a minimum of $250 and a maximum of $15,000.


You will find different payment methods on the deposit page. For example, users can make deposits to their BitLQ account using credit cards such as

Skrill, etc.
A wider choice than on Immediate Edge.

4. Activate Auto Trading

After making a deposit, you will have access to your account and the auto trading feature.

The robot offers features that you can use to control your risk in the market. You can set a stop loss and decide when to take your profits.

Trading carries a high risk of losing money. It is therefore essential to use stop loss features to stop the breakage on bad days.

Fees on BitLQ

To trade on the site, you don’t have to pay a registration fee.

You only need to make a deposit of at least €250 to be able to trade on this robot.

The daily profit is around €1,500 according to the site, and the site claims a success rate of over 95%.

Nevertheless, a 2% fee is payable on the gains made via the platform.

Another point to consider is that there are no fees associated with failed trades.

Ease of use
Setting up this robot should not take you more than an hour. You are able to understand each phase of the procedure, as each step is well organized for easy understanding.

Even if you are a beginner, you should have no problem going through each feature and examining it thoroughly.

In addition, its user interface is simple and easy for users to use.

Finally, with a simple internet connection and a smartphone or laptop, the robot can run in the background, nothing complicated.

Security of BitLQ


When it comes to security, we found that BitLQ uses a security protocol.

The system is designed to ensure the security of investors‘ accounts and to block the use of an investor’s account by another person.

Indeed, thanks to the inclusion of SSL encryption on every available page of the platform, none of the transactions and interactions made on the platform are susceptible to attack by malicious entities.

BitLQ Automatic Trading
The main feature of BitLQ is its well-developed automatic trading system, which allows customers to trade automatically.

Customers can use their trading robot without changing its predefined settings, which have been pre-configured for their convenience. In addition, they can customize some of these settings to suit their goals and trading style.

Clients can choose a variety of settings, including the assets to be traded, the money to be invested and the maximum number of trades the robot can execute at any one time.