SEC Commissioner Challenges Data Collection Practices of Controversial Crypto Project

• French privacy regulator CNIL has initiated a probe into Worldcoin over concerns that its data collection and storage practices may not be entirely legal.
• The watchdog is collaborating with its German counterpart as the latter directly oversees the project as its primary European regulator.
• The project is also under investigation in the U.K. for similar reasons.

French Authorities Launch Probe Into Worldcoin Over Data Collection Practices

The French privacy regulator CNIL has initiated a probe into Worldcoin due to suspicions that its data collection and storage practices may not be compliant with relevant laws and regulations. The CNIL is working together with their German counterparts, who oversee Worldcoin as their primary European regulator, to investigate further into this matter. In addition, the project is also being investigated in the U.K., due to similar suspicions there.

Suspicions On Legality Of Data Collection

The CNIL informed Reuters: “The legality of this collection seems questionable, as do the conditions for storing biometric data”, implying that they have some doubts on whether or not Worldcoin’s methods of data collection are lawful and valid according to current regulations in place.

Worldcoin Foundation’s Response

When CryptoSlate reached out to Worldcoin Foundation for comment on this matter, they responded by stating: “The Worldcoin Foundation complies with all laws and regulations governing the processing of personal data.“ This statement from them implies that they believe their practices are consistent with all applicable rules and regulations surrounding personal data protection, and interpret any investigations as confirmation of this belief rather than accusations against them.

Data Protection Issues In Europe

Data protection laws have become stricter in Europe since implementation of GDPR back in 2018, which requires companies processing personal data to obtain consent before doing so – something which could be seen as lacking when it comes to biometric information collected by projects like Worldcoin’s iris scan technology. As such, regulators seem increasingly keen on investigating projects which appear to be contravening these rules – regardless of whether or not it was done intentionally or unintentionally – leading up to investigations against numerous projects across Europe currently underway right now.


Overall, while it still remains unclear exactly what will come out of these investigations against WorldCoin at present time, given how strict regulation surrounding issues such as personal data protection have become in Europe recently – especially regarding biometric information – it does seem likely that significant changes will need to be made within any projects found guilty of violating such rules if they are ultimately proven guilty in court down the line ahead.